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Independence Bio-Products has developed a low cost system to produce algae oil and algae protein, while using power plant flue gas as a source of carbon dioxide.

IBP is one of the few companies producing actual algae, with over an acre under cultivation and plans to ramp up to 10 acres in 2010. read more

IBP's algae lipids can be used as a feedstock for biofuels and other biologically based lipid products. IBP is confident that the lipids can be made into biodiesel, renewable jet fuel, and green diesel.

In addition, there are significant oleochemical and nutritional opportunities. read more

IBP has successfully grown algae using power plant flue gas as a source of carbon dioxide. Algae consume nearly 1.8 times their weight and double nearly every day.

IBP's patent-pending process provides a low-cost carbon capture alternative for power plants and other remotely located industrial sources of carbon dioxide. read more

IBP's Algamaxx™ algae protein product has been shown effective as a fish feed supplement for aquaculture.

Pig, chicken and cow feeding trials are planned to prove effectiveness of the protein in feed for these animals. read more