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IBP is one of the few companies producing significant quantities of algae.
Independence Bio-Products has developed a low cost system to produce algae oil and algae protein, while using power plant flue gas as a source of carbon dioxide. The company captures industrial carbon dioxide, produces algae oil for conversion to biofuels and bioproducts, and high protein algae solids for fish, pig and chicken feed.

By building its proprietary technology based on 18 years of United States Department of Energy research, the company has been able to significantly lower the costs to make its products competitive.

The exhaust gas from the power plant contains about 10% CO2, which is fed to the algae ponds. The algae consume the CO2, affix the carbon and release oxygen via photosynthesis. The algae double approximately once per day, while consuming large quantities of CO2; approximately 1.8 times their weight.

IBP harvests the algae and separates it into algae oil and Algamaxx™ animal feed.

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